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Natures Finest Creations

Natures Finest Creations

Fred Wilda & Helen Rodak
P. O. Box 427
Hadley, MA  01035

Phone:  413-586-6691
Email:  info@naturesfinestcreations.com
Website:  www.naturesfinestcreations.com

Natures Finest Creations was established in 1998 by Frederick C. Wilda and Helen A. Rodak.  Fred, a self taught artist has earned his living utilizing his art talents since 1959.  Helen and Fred became interested in and started collecting minerals in 1996.  Soon after Fred combined his art talent with his obsession with minerals and developed a unique style of watercolor paintings of minerals.

Product’s Offered at Natures Finest Creations

Original paintings and signed limited Edition prints.

Framed Birthstone with cut gemstone prints, note cards and T-Shirts with mineral paintings reproduced on them are also offered.

Fred’s interest in lapidary arts are apparent in our line of hand cut cabochons jewelry, cut from material found in many different locations in the world and set in solid gold, gold filled or sterling silver findings.

We usually have a few minerals and mineral related products available at shows.

Framed Birthstone Print with Gemstone

Mineral Note Cards

Fine Jewelry

Mineral Specimens

Framed Birthstone Print
with Gemstone

Mineral Note Cards

Fine Jewelry

Mineral Specimens


About: Frederick C. Wilda

Mineral Artist

Fred, a self-taught artist, was raised on a small New England farm in Hadley , Massachusetts.
His enthusiasm for the natural world developed when he was a very young child.
He began sketching, painting, and carving while still in elementary school.
When he was a high school senior, his art teacher convinced him he should make a career in the art field.
Art school was not possible for him because of financial restraints, so he decided his only option was
to instruct himself. His goal: To become the best artist he could be.
Over the years, he established himself in his very competitive field, winning many regional and
national awards for his ideas and designs.
During these years he painted landscapes, wildlife, and portraits, whenever he could make the time.
His medium was usually oil paints, which he learned to master at an early age, but hewould occasionally
do watercolor or pencil renderings.

In 1997, Fred discovered the world of natural mineral crystals and started developing a collection.
He decided to do paintings of the crystals using his talent to capture the essence of their natural beauty.
He chose watercolor as his medium, working from actual specimens whenever possible to render the paintings.
His illustrations fall into two categories. The first: a single specimen painting, either with or without a background.
The second is a species category, which is created using a part of a specimen or a combination of specimens to
portray a typical species.
When an original work is finished, a Limited Edition Print series is produced, making the image available
to more people.
A series is usually small, consisting of 30 to 100 prints.
Many Fred Wilda originals are commissions from collectors who own specimens that they want to immortalize.

Fred has completed a series of over 130 illustrations for reproduction in a 2004 book entitled, The Pegmatite Mines Known as Palermo , written by Robert Whitmore of New Hampshire .
His work has also been included in articles in the English Extra Lapis series as well as Rocks & Minerals and Rocks & Gems Magazines. Since 2001, Martin Zinn Expositions has commissioned Fred to illustrate specimens for use in advertising many U.S. Shows.
The renderings have been reproduced in magazine advertisements, billboards, and on T-Shirts. Fred was honored to be chosen the “Featured Artist” in the 2004 Mineral and Fossil Show in Munich , Germany .
His originals and Limited Edition Prints are in many collections throughout the United States and abroad. Selections of his paintings and prints are in the collection of the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad , California .
Fred's passion for art is truly matched by his obsession for minerals. The challenge of illustrating minerals is fueled

by the vast amount of subjects available. Fred's answer to this challenge - “The joy of completing a painting is
dwarfed by the anticipation of doing another.”

Fred and his partner, Helen, own the business Natures Finest Creations®. Together they reside in Hadley , Massachusetts and can be contacted at (413) 586-6691 or found on the Internet at www.naturesfinestcreations.com or reached by e-mail at info@naturesfinestcreations.com.

Featured exhibitor 2012 East Coast Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show , W. Springfield, MA
About: Helen Rodak
By the way, if you are wondering who Helen is, she is the website, computer and business manager at Natures Finest Creations and is the one who keeps Fred focused and his nose to the grindstone!

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