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FREE: Door Prize

Septarian Nodule W7" x H6" x 1/2" thick

Each year we offer a nice door prize just for signing up to our mailing list.  If you are already on the list, you just need to bring the card we sent you down to the show.  It has your contact info on the label and that will be used as your entry for the door prize.  Did not get a card?  Don’t worry.  Fill out a card at the show and you will be entered into this year’s door prize.  It’s a great chance to win a nice mineral specimen. By signing up for the door prize, we will send you a reminder card for next year’s show. 
You may also give us your email address to be notified that way of next year's show.   

Tickets for the Special Drawing are available as you enter the show. 
Last year's Special Drawing of a matched set of Dino-Tracks mounted in a glass case was such a big hit,,,
We are doing it again this year! Be sure to get your tickets!

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Matched set of Dino-Tracks
From: Granby, Massachusetts

Fluorite on Sphalerite from the Elmwood Mine, Tennessee
(about fist size)

Best of all - You do not need to be present to win!
No matter what prize you have your eye on, rest assured your donation is going to a great cause. 

INSIDER SECRET:  If you have mailing labels, bring them to the show, because it will save lots of time filling out your ticket stubs.   

CVMCThe Connecticut Valley Mineral Club is a Massachusetts non profit organization based out of Springfield.  Founded in 1940, the Club is dedicated to the study, appreciation and preservation of rocks, minerals, fossils and all other aspects of Earth Science. 

Open to all ages, the CVMC is dedicated to teaching others about all aspects of geology.  Through the Kids Education Program, the Club provides lectures and hands-on mineral presentations to schools throughout the Connecticut River Valley.  In addition, the Club has developed a special "Significant Massachusetts Minerals" School Case Display Program.  Here, the Club’s Education Committee presents area schools with a special "Significant Massachusetts Minerals" collection housed in an attractive glass display case along with supporting educational literature.  The collection contains official Massachusetts State Rocks, Minerals and Fossils. From locations all around the State.  These displays are donated to elementary schools, libraries, colleges, State Parks, and other locations in the Connecticut River Valley.  All funding for this program is raised by the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club through the proceeds of the Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show as well as other fundraising efforts of the organization and generous donations from the public.

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club is a member of both the Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies (EFMLS) and American Federation of Mineral Societies (AFMS)

To find out more about the Club visit the CVMC website

If you are interested in joining, print out this Membership Application and bring it with you to the show.



CVMC is associated with the EFMLS

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club

CVMC is associated with the AFMS

The Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry, & Fossil Show is brought to you by the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club a non profit organization