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Russell Geologics

professor Russell with fish fossil

Allan P. Russell
P.O. Box 593
Barre, MA  01005
Phone:  978-355-2021
Email:  1stdrfossil@gmail.com

If you love fossils, Russell Geologics is going to be high up on your list when visiting the Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show.  Each year, Allan Russell has new and exciting fossils on display. 

New for 2014

This year, there will be two special items on display. 

The first item is and Ichthyosaur (fish-lizard) that is priced at $12,000.00.  It comes from the Eocene Epoch of Guizho, Province of China.  It is called Mixosaurus maotainensis.

Ichthyosaur Fossil

The second is a sting ray called Heliobartis radians from the Green River Shale of Kemmerer, Wyoming and the Eocene Epoch.  This piece is priced at $2,500.00

Heliobartis Fossil

Along with these special items, you can expect to see a wide assortment of fossils from around the globe.






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