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Dealer Information

great showThe Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry, and Fossil Show draws strong crowds of buyers interested in minerals, jewelry, fossils along with all things related to the earth. 

This family friendly show, attracts a diverse group of attendees from hobbyists to professional collectors.  Attendance to the show has been great and our marketing efforts draw visitors from all over New England.

One of the keys to the show’s success is due to dealer selection. 
We know that for the show to be successful, you as a dealer must do well at the show. 

In order to accomplish this we limit the number of dealers at our show and pay careful attention to the mix of dealer offerings.

lots of shopping


This extra planning offers you the dealer an exceptional opportunity to provide your offerings to an enthusiastic crowd of buyers. 

Each year, we have a list of dealers eagerly waiting for the opportunity to join us and be a part of the Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show.  With low booth rates and an extensive promotional campaign, this the perfect show for you to sell your merchandise.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s show!




CVMC is associated with the EFMLS

The Connecticut Valley Mineral Club

CVMC is associated with the AFMS

The Western Mass. Mineral, Jewelry, & Fossil Show is brought to you by the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club a non profit organization