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Fantasy in Gemstones

Fantasy in Gemstones

Wayne Hardy
54 Tremont Street
Boscawen, NH 03303

Phone:  603-753-4647
Email:  w14karat@comcast.net


dinosaur boneI started doing shows about 40 years ago. Starting with fine minerals.  After about 5 years, I turned to cutting material and rough.  My business started as part time and then progressed to full time. 

When I opened a jewelry store about 30 years ago, the gem shows became part time again. 

At this point in time of doing shows, I now cut and offer high end cabochons, slabs and rough. Most cabochons are designer shapes and various sizes in nearly all the material I have.

I have approximately 3 tons of material in my shop and am always looking for high end rough to cab.

I still cut a lot of stones and I also do jewelry repair at home.  I work part time as a jewelry repair person in a high end jewelry store in Concord, N.H.



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