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JNL Minerals

Lawrence Bull of JNL Minerals

Larry (Lawrence) Bull   dba JNL Minerals, since 1991
 3 Crescent Street,
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Phone:  508-842-8498
 Email:  LLBULLBULL@hotmail.com
Visit by chance or appointment, with occasional open houses (annually end of January)

NEW for 2014

Among the many new, exciting and/or interesting items for the 2014 CVMC Show are specimens collected by Ken Gliesman and myself in 2013 from Copper Mine Hill, Cumberland, RI, including azurite, malachite, chalcopyrite, bornite, actinolite, molybdenite, and the rare, ferri-molybdenite and others. 

In addition, there are many other new items, a number of which were culled from my own collection, including a number of exciting quartz specimens.

Larry Bull


A love of nature and objects of nature have made me a collector of many natural objects.  I believe God gave us these items to marvel at and enjoy just as we enjoy for example music and food.

The collecting of minerals gained hobby status when with military service and school finally finished I was able to settle down in one location for a while.

The mineral business grew out of my passion for and some success at the mineral collecting.

Initially it was trading some of that success with other collectors all over the world and then finally going into the mineral business.

I still love the field collecting and have been fortunate to have a number of friends who equally enjoy the hobby.  In addition, I also enjoy the teaching potential of both the hobby and the business.  Seeing people light up with excitement upon finding a specimen they can add to their collection or their simply marveling at seeing one of my self-collected specimens is always rewarding.

My collecting has had a strong emphasis on quartz and thus my inventory reflects that emphasis for example there is self-collected amethyst from such locations, as Southboro, MA, Ashaway Village, Hopkington, RI and Jackson Crossroads, GA to name just a few.

My inventory includes a significant portion of self collected material, some purchased from wholesalers, some traded and sometimes purchased collections.

The majority of same is crystallized mineral specimens, but includes some non-crystalized minerals, rock specimens, lapidary items and faceted stones, usually from self-collected locations.

The specimens range in size from TN (thumbnail) to cabinet size specimens (occasionally larger) with the majority being palm size.

The prices range from samples at One Dollar for kids or teachers of kids to collector specimens in the hundreds of dollars.

I invite you to come enjoy the show and hopefully find something you would like to purchase to bring home and enjoy for years to come.



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