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Toveco Specimen Mining

Lee Champigny & James Tovey

James Tovey
363 Scoby Road
Francestown, NH 03043
Phone:  603-547-6805
Email:  jsantovey@comcast.net
Website:  http://toveco.com

NEW for 2014




Toveco Fine Jewelry Store


At this year’s show, be sure to check out all of the new carved pendants from fine jewelry designer James Tovey.  This masterful artisan creates beautiful pieces that are true objects of beauty.  Whether you are looking for something creative and unique or a more traditional design, James has it. 

If you are ever in New Hampshire, be sure to stop by the newly opened Toveco jewelry store.  The store is located at 7 Wilton Road, Milford, New Hampshire.


Toveco MiningJames Tovey is both owner and operator of Toveco Specimen Mining.  This vertically integrated resource company  is focused on colored gemstones from New Hampshire. 

From mining rough beryl to fashioning high end jewelry, Toveco is directly involved in every step of the process, making Toveco one of the very few North American lapidary and jewelry companies that use their own extracted domestic material in all of their products.

It all begins at their mine in Alstead, New Hampshire.  Toveco mines for gem quality aquamarine beryl, but they have also found golden beryl, heliodor, and both rose and smoky quartz. 

Once beryl is taken from the mine, it is sorted into three grades which will determine the final outcome of each piece. 

Mineral Specimens

Toveco DisplayMineral specimens are destined to be displayed for sale at mineral shows where collectors can appreciate the natural beauty of the beryl as it was found at the mine.

Cabochon and Bead Rough

This higher grade material will be turned into fine cabochons and beads which can be purchased as a finished necklace or loose beads for jewelry projects.

Gem Facet Rough

The highest grade material will be faceted and turned into fine jewelry.

At present 70% of Toveco jewelry is fabricated buy Toveco using USA based metals and findings.


Both James Tovey and his wife Joanne Santospago are accomplished gem cutters as well as jewelry designers, and fabricators.

Toveco Fine Jewelry



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